NBA Showdown Game Mode: How It Works

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Showdown season is one of NBA Live Mobile game modes which offer competitive gameplay. The showdown actually replaces the Head to Head mode with some differences and an extension of sub-mode called Showdown Season. This article aims to generally inform you how the Showdown mode works.


Like Head to Head mode, you’ll compete against other players in a match, the winner is simply who scores more points in the quarters. However, unlike in the Head to Head mode, you’re not able to choose your opponents from the global map. Instead, the server will do the matchmaking for each showdown match and it’s run as the season. There will be several Divisions where you can progress and get the rewards from. Each Showdown season will be finished within two weeks.


There will be various rewards during your progress in Showdown season. However, the biggest prize is at the end of the season. If your name shows up as top 1000 int he scoreboard, the Showdown Master can be redeemed. It provides you with tons of eligible cards in NBA Live Mobile. Depending on the participants, the Showdown season can be very competitive.

You’ll gain the fans everytime you win the showdown match just like the old Head to Head. Unfortunately, the gameplay isn’t developed as expected. A real-time multiplayer is still not possible in NBA Live Mobile.

Showdown Match

As previously mentioned, the matchmaking is determined by the system. If you have a higher OVR than your opponent, then you can start the Showdown match with ball possession. If you have a lower OVR, then you’ll have to start the game without the ball possessions. Unfortunately, the game isn’t actually a real-time match. Instead of facing the fingered-controlled players, you’ll play against the lineup but it’s controlled by the AI. Well, some people don’t have objections on such condition while the rests expect more. However, don’t get it wrong, the Showdown matches and its mysterious matchmaking will engage you more on the screen.

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Game Start

After the matchmaking, the players have 10 minutes to confirm/start the showdown matches. Don’t let it expired or you’ll lose the match. So, it’s highly suggested that you should tap the “Create Match” button only if you’re ready for a match. In fact, it seems that there is no way you can cancel it. So, it’s suggested to ensure that you’re free to play for the next 10-15 minutes before creating a Showdown match.

The Winner

Since you’re playing against the AI-controlled lineup of your opponent and vice versa, the winner is determined by the differences of the match scores. These scores will be recapitulated from each quarter as soon as “ Game Complete” appeared in your screen. The one who gets the bigger differential points is the winner. Before this point, what you can do is doing your best, score more points and widen the score differences against your opponents.

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NBA Showdown Game Mode: How It Works
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