NBA Live Elite and Premium Cards

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Elite Cards

These cards contain super players with up to 95 OVP which show up in both lineups. It’s upgradable up to five levels just like the gold cards but they can’t exceed the 99 OVP no matter how hard you train them. The Elite Cards are surprisingly in the very good condition. These cards contribute to the team booster which can improve it up to five points. The full-Elite team is everybody’s goal of NBA Live Mobile player. This is actually the perfect lineup to get rid all the seasons and games. Depending on your opponent, the Elite team will take you into the leaderboards.

Platinum Cards

These are the most powerful player cards in the NBA Live Mobile universe by far. The platinum cards are indeed the rarest one. These cards are the players with more than 95 OVP and can be trained up to more than 100 OVP. It’s actually very hard to get a full Platinum team because the rarity is unquestionable. The Platinum Cards are things you don’t see every day even in the auction house.

To get these Platinum cards, need a lot of luck and currencies. If you desperately want the Platinum players for your lineup, you may have to invest real money for more NBA Cash and purchase the card packs. Some of them even apply some hack tricks or tools to get their goals. Actually, NBA Live Mobile offers the best basketball gameplay by far but it requires you to engage with it. Fortunately, there ways to improve the gameplay experience in NBA Live Mobile.

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NBA Live Elite and Premium Cards
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