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NBA Cash management could be your solution if you don’t want to spend any real money on the in-app purchases. This solution needs a high commitment to dealing with some limits and temptations. Why you should consider managing NBA Cash? Because in fact, many people have managed to succeed without spending any penny on in-app purchases. To some extent, managing your NBA Cash is highly related to three major aspects: how you acquire it, how you save it, and how you spend/invest it.

Save More Spend Wisely

This factor is rarely recognized by most NBA Live Mobile players. Most of them tend to solely spend the NBA Cash instead of investing it. NBA Cash is the most premium currency in the NBA Live Mobile. Strengthen your lineup should involve a smart investment and of course, patience. Depending on your current line up, orientation, and strategy, you can either invest in two players with average stats or go for a star player. In some cases, you may not need any start player to have a solid team.

Obstacle Drill for Player Packs

It’s not a secret that NBA Cash is mostly spent on player packs. But how do you think if we tell you that you don’t have to spend any of it? Your best chance could be with completing the Obstacle Drill which potentially rewards you with free card packs as well as trophies and coins. You’ll never know what inside the packs are, but you’ll lose nothing for winning the drills. What could be better than getting rewarded for practicing?

When to Invest

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Of course, some people just don’t have the patience or simply not satisfy with the limitations. Premium card packs actually require more NBA Cash. At this point, you may consider investing the real cash for NBA Cash. There are various packages of NBA Cash through in-app purchases. The cheapest is $6.99 and the most expensive one is $139.99. There are also sale events, you may have to stay tuned on your pop-ups.
Above All, the main rule when you want to invest the NBA Cash is that you should spend it only for player packs. It should be noted that you shouldn’t invest any real money for energy or other perks since there are many solutions to them. Player Packs are the top NBA Live item that (to some extent) deserves more investment.



Bidding high-quality players in Auction is another eligible way to spend your currency. It works just like the real-world basketball management when you go on the player deals against other bidders. Even though it’s pretty hard, Auction is the only place in NBA Live mobile where you can get best deals on star players like Chris Paul, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and so forth. The common trick is placing the bids very close to the time expiration. It’s also suggested to use your experience in Auction to consider the traffic hours when placing bids on those players.

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