Improving Your NBA Live Mobile Gameplay Experience

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NBA Live Mobile game has gained a popularity as the best NBA game even beating its console version. There was a time where there is no good game about NBA at all. The former games had poor gameplay, difficult controls, bad graphics, and they’re not available for your mobile devices. Along with the advancement of mobile internet, NBA comes with excellent gameplay and features. If you’ve been playing NBA Live Mobile for a while, you might find that the gameplay is quite fresh. However, some people just get stuck with the gameplay and make no progress.

1. Build a Solid Team

The best lineup means the best play. Building a solid team is a crucial task in NBA Live Mobile. It takes up to 40% of your effort in the gameplay. So, if you’re not in a match, it’s almost certain that you spend your time to manage your team. These including buying/bidding player cards, training, completing tasks, and so forth. In fact, any rewards especially currencies would be reinvested mainly into the team building.

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2. Complete The Achievements

Some people feel stuck but they ignore the achievements and it’s actually ironic. The achievements are available by design. It improves your playing experience by keeping you engaged with certain tasks and goals. In most cases, it requires you to explore different game modes every day. Different achievements are set differently every day. Besides, completing them will reward you with currencies and experiences.

3. Manage The Game Modes

It’s totally wrong to see the NBA Live Mobile showdown game modes are completely separated. Indeed, each mode has its own gameplay tone but it doesn’t mean that they’re disconnected. This way of thinking usually lead to a super boredom as you’d feel like grinding without goals and objectives. In fact, the game modes are actually integrated especially with how you manage your team. For example, completing the season would be a difficult task when you don’t have such a solid team. Grinding in other modes rewards you with currencies which allows you to gradually improve your lineup with gold or even elite players.

4. Manage the Players

Collecting the player cards is another unique experience you can get in NBA Live Mobile. It slightly has a different point of view with seeing the players based on their functions or contributions to the team performance. For example, instead of saving coins in a long time, you can complete the sets, get player cards and sell them to gain profit so you can redeem the players that you really want. This activity, fortunately, is aligned with your goal in assembling a solid team. A full gold team is certainly better than the bronze one.

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Improving Your NBA Live Mobile Gameplay Experience
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