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The graphics and animations are well done while the controls are modestly applied. In fact, the NBA Live Mobile has received a wide acceptance even better than the console version. The main factor is that the simplified controls allow the user to execute the tactical tasks in an easy way. EA Sports has brilliantly applied the three modes for their sports games: Season, Head to Head, and Live Events. NBA Live Mobile allows you to develop your own Basketball team through eligible game modes including Head to Head, Season, and Live Events.

Even though the game has been widely accepted by millions of user, it’s not flawless

Many NBA live Mobile players may experience crashes, bugs, and other issues which can be generated from different factors. At this point, what you might want to access the help menu. There is no shortcut to the Game Help menu, you will have to navigate to the home screen first. There will be a menu icon placed in the left upper corner with three horizontal lines like usual menu icon, hit the menu button and it will navigate you to the main menu.

Once you reached the main menu, you will see for options horizontally listed on your screen. Hit the Setting option to enter the setting screen. Once you enter the setting screen, there will be various options where you can easily find the help button. It may take some time for the first time as the help option isn’t placed on the home screen. However, it doesn’t matter as you find the help button, it brings you one step closer to the answers to your problem. Tap the help button, it will open your browser and you’ll be directed to the EA Sports official support website.

NBA Live Mobile is the leading basketball available for mobile devices

After you reach the support page, there will be Frequently Asked Questions which are already answered and fix common problems. To get a quick solution, you can simply visit the page that related to your problems. The page provides several categories so you can easily navigate to the related articles, there will be also a search option. If your problem is unlikely to be found on this page, you can simply navigate to “Contact Us’ and fill the form. The support team of EA Sports will response your question soon. However, you’re allowed to do this action only if you have an active NBA Live Mobile ID.

If you’re directed from the NBA Live Mobile menu, then the user should be active by default. It might be different as you access the support page manually from your browser. You can also access the NBA Live Mobile community forums where you might find similar issues and the possible solutions. If the problem is specifically related to your NBA Live Mobile coins, you can simply contact the coin providers. The currency problem may be lower if you purchase the coin from inside the platform. Any solutions and troubleshooting will be free of charge.

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