The Currencies in the NBA Live Mobile

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Heading to season 2 of NBA Live Mobile may bring you new experiences. Some features are added along with some improvements on the gameplay, game modes, and even the currencies. EA has added not only a wider function of each currency but also add a new type of currency called NBA Live Reputation. Knowing the functions and uses of the currencies would improve your NBA Live play effectively. It’s also a part of the resume where the currencies of NBA Live Reputation are actually crucial to reach and optimize the objectives, reputation, and perks.

NBA Live Mobile Coins

NBA Live Mobile Coins is the basic currency which can be obtained in most activities, objectives, and modes. You’ll obtain and/or be rewarded with NBA Live Mobile Coins everytime you complete various objectives in Live Event modes. Every time, you win matches against other NBA Live mobile players in the Head to Head mode, or when you’re completing matches and objectives in season mode. A certain amount of NBA Live Mobile coins are also rewarded as you’re completing daily/weekly Objectives. It including Brick Wall, Ain’t No Rest, A Player A Day, 24/7, Stamina Burners, and so forth.

In other hands, NBA Live Mobile coins are also consumed in the process of the modes. Use them to buy players and items in the Auction but you also to spend some coins to sell certain items at speed. You can also purchase certain card packs with NBA live Mobile Coins. Even though, you may have to use another type of currency to more flexibly buy all the packs at the NBA live mobile store. You can easily see how many coins you have on the top of your dashboard. In addition to Season 2, you need to spend coins on the player training feature.

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NBA Live Mobile Reputation

As previously mentioned, NBA Live Mobile Reputation is the new currency added in Season 2. Reputation is highly related to the PvP activities in NBA Live Mobile The prominent ways to acquire the Reputation is by completing Be Champions objectives and defeating other NBA Live Mobile users in the games of Head to Head mode. However, you can also acquire Reputation to some extent in the League matches. In other hands, after you have enough Reputation, you can use them to redeem packs. Furthermore, Reputation could be considered as a respective reward for your good playing.

nba live coins and cash most important nba currencies

NBA Cash

EA also applies premium currency to NBA Live Mobile called NBA Cash. There are limited ways to acquire NBA cash through activities previously mentioned and watching ads video. The common way to get NBA cash in a bulk is by purchasing it with your real money. You can use NBA cash to buy premium packs from the store, refill the stamina without waiting, and other consumption. To some extent, NBA Cash could be the real cheat as you can purchase eligible perks to build a strong team in NBA Live Mobile. However, many players have enjoyed the game without spending any penny to redeem NBA Cash. The struggle itself is enjoyable, it’s completely your decision.

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The Currencies in the NBA Live Mobile
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