NBA Live Mobile Player Card Grades

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There are player cards based on the player rarity in NBA Live Mobile. You’ll find the player cards are categorized into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Elite, and Platinum. Those player cards would affect your team building and your play. You can redeem these cards with the currencies or get the best deal on them through the auction house.

Bronze Cards

The bronze cards are the basic cards which contain up to 59 players or can be said as the starter card packs. It’s because you’ll start NBA Live Mobile with a bronze lineup. These bronze players are only available to the NBA Live Mobile Lineup. Nothing much we can say about bronze cards as everybody would have these cards at the beginning and they’re also untrainable.

Silver Cards

Silver Cards are the second common cards in NBA Live Mobile which contains up to 69 overall players. Unlike the bronze cards, the silver cards show up in Classic and NBA Lineups. In the early stage of your plays, having a full lineup with the silver players should be your goal. These players will do a solid work even when you lacking those gold players.

Gold Cards

The Gold Cards are clearly rarer than the silver but they contain up to 79 OVP. Like the silver cards, Gold players show up in Classic and NBA Lineups. the Gold card players are actually upgradable within five levels which represent the improvement of the OVP and attributes. Upgrading can improve the gold card players’ OVP up to +5 points. It’s very good if you can have a full gold-team in NBA Live Mobile. Most Gold Card Players have good attributes that are why they can have better performances in most game modes.

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NBA Live Mobile Player Card Grades
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