How You Can Effectively Improve Your Level in NBA Live Mobile

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NBA Live Mobile is the leading mobile basketball games available for Android and iOS. It’s actually the mobile version of the NBA live, which is also considered to be better than the console version. Now, NBA Live Mobile has been played by millions of people around the world.

Despite the popularity, EA Sports applies the leveling system in NBA Live Mobile which is quite harder to improve. This may confuse those who just started to play this mobile game. If you’re hardly improving your level in NBA Live Mobile, then this article is for you.

Fortunately, there are some effective ways for leveling up in NBA Live Mobile. These may take some specific efforts and grindings but they’ll definitely improve your level soon. The great news is that you won’t even need cheats for leveling up, it’s just fun as you’re playing the game modes with specific tips. Check these out.

Utilizing your Coins

The in-game currency of NBA Live Mobile is the coins. You can wisely spend the coins in the environment so you improve your level by the cause. For example, you can build the legend and impact team with gold and silver players. This allows you to have a greater chance in Head to Head games which increase your XP once you win the game. These gold and silvers players allow you to challenge a stronger yet more powerful opponent which means more XP and leveling up soon.
There are various methods to increase your coins including grinding in the season mode, Head to Head, and Live Event. Basically, each activity can reward you with coins, but you can certainly learn how to earn coins in NBA Live Mobile environment effectively.

Of course, you can do it in a shorter way. On the newest blog post, you can learn more how to gain an unlimited Cash and Coins to game which you can exchange for Levels. This method for NBA live mobile is free and available to every single player.

Completing the Challenges

Each mode has their own challenges with different ambiances. The challenges may include a certain amount of triple shots, double shots, or assists in a day. In season mode, a certain amount of coins and XP will be rewarded as during the games and as you finish it. However, since the challenges can’t be accumulated for the next season, ensure that you push your efforts to complete them before the season ends.
The same thing goes to Head to Head mode but without any reset policies. Push more efforts to complete the challenges as you’re playing the Head to Head Games. Of course, you can purchase the coins to build up a stronger team to finish the challenges. However, that’s not necessary by far, you can grind your team as you completing the season or Head to Head. Completing challenges in games modes will reward you more XP for leveling up.

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XP Accelerator

It’s actually the new live events which are specifically developed to accelerate your leveling. The event is available every day, you’ll be rewarded with 125 XP for each event along with another 200XP for the first completion on the same day. The great news is that you can complete XP accelerator events several times a day. If you can complete 5 events, then you can get 625XP + 200XP = 925 XP each day. That makes this method the greatest source of XP at this NBA Live Mobile Environment.
It takes 10 stamina to play an XP Accelerator event. This leveling event is highly suggested for beginners but not obligated. The challenges aren’t hard but still fun where you have to control your players to score points form the determined zones. Once you’ve gained a large amount of XP, you’ll level up faster.

Completing the Season Mode and Head to Head Mode

These are actually the conventional way to level up but also the certain ones. EA Sports has designed these modes to reward your efforts with the XP naturally. Each win in Season mode will reward you with 100 XP and 300 coins where you have to spend 10 stamina for each game. Each game is 8 minutes in length with 4 x 2 minutes quarter. The Auto-play can help you win the game as long as your team has a greater OVR than your AI opponents have, it will save you some time. This will naturally level up your team during and the end of the Season.
In other hands, each Head to Head can reward you 50 XP for each winning. Collaborating with Season and Live Event modes, Head to Head will level up your team at a genuine way.

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