Who can use the NBA generator?

Every player has access to our tool. We want each player to be different so we can not prevent this “richer” players. We do not like it a bit, but we create such ideas. In the future, we’re going to set limits depending on the player’s level.

How do you use tools?

The generator manual is located on the main page. You can find wider versions directly on the subpage with the generator. We tried to create the most intuitive panel. Unfortunately, not everyone can do all the steps.

How much can I generate resources?

For now, you can choose up to 10 million Cash and Coins in our generator. We plan to increase this limit, but we do not see a reason for it. As long as the servers are not commonly charged, we will not increase the limit.

Is the account secure?

Yes. The account is fully secure. You have no reason to worry about getting banned from your account. Use the legal source to obtain resources for you.

Does the tool work on mobile devices?

Yes. Our generator is optimized for phones and tablets.

How many times can I use the tool?

For each player, a generator’s 3 times use is allowed by default. We think that this is a good limit.
Recently, a lot of bots trying to abuse our generator but we have created human verification.

Is our data that we are introducing to the generator are sharing somewhere?

No way. All data is stored in a secure database in an encrypted way. Even if the database has been stolen, no one will be able to decrypt the data.