March 31, 2018

About us

Who are we?

Our company is called indepth-network. We have been on the market for 10 years. We are constantly trying to develop our company and employees. We have many large and interesting projects that you can find on our official website. We have known that our company consists only of students.

Why did we create this tool?

As you can read on the main page, we’ve created this generator to help and match the chances of each player. It is not important whether you are poor or rich. Everyone will have enough resources to buy the best items for the game. The only thing that will count is the skill. And that’s what we mean!

What are our goals?

We have the same goal as probably most companies in the world – development. We want to improve our generator so that there are no unnecessary delays in generating resources. We also want to add the ability to add basketball players to your account.