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Overview of the basics of the NBA Live Mobile Basketball 2k19

EA Sports has successfully brought the NBA basketball franchise into popularity. NBA Live Mode has been widely accepted by the users while console-version of this game is at a stake. The simplicity of the NBA Live Mobile mainly contributes to its success.  EA Sports has gained high digital revenue through NBA Live Mode as well as through Madden and FIFA. The Ultimate Team modem plays a key role in building such high acceptance.

Today, you can enjoy the very first of mobile version of NBA Live right in your handled. NBA Live Mobile is available for Android and iOS. NBA Live Mobile is an in-app purchased game which allows you to enjoy free-to-play. You can also develop your plays by purchasing perks and collectables with in-game currency. NBA Live Mobile is developed with Ultimate team model and free-flowing gameplay interface which are simplified from the console version. NBA Live Mobile is one of the best Mobile sports games.


As previously mentioned, NBA Live Mobile adopt the Ultimate Team modes where the main goal is building your own team roster as you won’t find any real NBA teams in it.  At the initial stage, you’ll be provided a basic team roster of standard players. You can develop your player roster by purchasing the car packs or visiting the Auction House to acquire high-rated players. Completing collections and gaining items from rewards will boost your team power and abilities.

You’ll get through a tutorial so you can manage the controls and interface. You’ll get an on-screen virtual stick to control the movement while offense and defense can be controlled through three on-screen buttons. As it’s simplified, no other control buttons available even though the buttons and stick are contextually reversing during the game.


There will be three main modes of gameplay: Season, Live Events, and Head-to-Head.


In Season mode, you’ll play 14 games against the computer players. You’ll get through the three-game playoffs after winning some games, and then go to Final. Once you win the final game, you’ll highly rewarded. You can start the new Season to compete against more competitive computer players.

Live Events

In this mode, you’ll play mini-games which have specific challenge and goals for each game. Finishing the challenges means more coins and rewards to earn including playing cards, trophies, perks, and collectables. The mini-games may be rotated as well as new Live Events will be daily added. Playing the Live Events game is a refreshing experience.


In this mode, you’re allowed to play with other players online but not exactly against them. What will happen after you initiate the Head-to-head games is you’ll play against the other players’ AI for the first and third quarters. After that, your opponent will play against yours in the second and fourth quarters. These turn-based games allow you to earn “fans” which influence your leaderboard updates which will reward you tons of eligible packs. However, Head-to-Head mode in NBA Live mobile might generate some discomforts. It’s due to the fact that the opponent can possibly “reject” to continue the games while seeing your high score, “there is no need to continue the game if I lose”, they think.

In-app Purchasing

Coins and NBA Cash are two applied in-game currencies. You can earn coins and use them to buy card packs or acquire an eligible player from the Auction House. You can buy NBA Cash with real money but you can only use them to buy card packs. At this point, like other EA sport mobile games, you’ll have to keep purchasing so you can move forward and develop Ultimate Team model any further. However, if you have more time, it’s still possible to build a quality team for free. Indeed, you might not gather gold players in your team but you can play the modes and win in most time. By not purchasing the cash, it may take a long time gain better players, but you’ll get there in the end.

Like the Madden Mobile, stamina system is also applied in the NBA Live Mobile. You’ll need to wait until your stamina is fully recharged or you can simply pay for it so you can continue the gameplay. However, if you’re playing NBA Live Mobile occasionally in your spare time, then this stamina system won’t be an obstacle. In fact, once you reached new levels, the stamina quota will also be increased and replenished more quickly.


The on-screen controls applied in the NBA Live Mobile is actually context-sensitive and doesn’t drive you to frustration. Such controls allow you to fully and smartly control the offence and defence movements during the gameplay. Pass, Shoot, and Drive buttons are active on the offence stick controls. Pressing and holding down the Drive button allow to get sprints as well as spins and crossovers through tapping while swiping it over two other buttons will effectively slash the ball into the basket.

The defence buttons include the blocking, defending, and switching the players. Holding the defence button allows you give pressure to the player who is handling the ball while tapping it allows you stealing the ball.


The NBA Live Mobile is equipped with astonishing animations and graphics quality simply observed through the gameplay and movement. The gameplay is responsive and provides you with a field-like experience. The surrounding environment animation is well done. Compared to the console version of basketball games, the NBA Live Mobile is simplified so you wouldn’t experience such frustrating passing issues. The graphics are excellent for a mobile game and you can easily recognize the player due to clear representation.

One thing that may annoy is the slowing moment during the last 10 seconds of each quarter to dramatize the ending. However, in such intense and tight competition, especially in the Head-to-Head mode, this dramatization gets too long and kinda boring.

Overall, the NBA Live Mobile is a great game. Even when it’s compared to the console version, it still gets a higher score. Download NBA Live Mobile now and build up your own basketball team.

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