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Host Monster Review 2013 – Wondering If Host Monster Is Worth Your Time?

Host Monster

One of the problems about hosting a website is knowing whether or not the web hosting service is worth your time or not.

You usually really can’t be sure until you’ve tested the service, and by that time…it could be too late. I say that because people often give up if things get too difficult. It’s human nature to not want to have trouble with something. So when there’s a lot of technical difficulty, or downtime…or whatever other problem that might arise…many people just say “forget about it” and they give up!

You don’t want to do that, and I’m sure that that’s why you’re reading this HostMoster Review. You don’t want to try something new that might not work. You want to know before hand this time. Continue reading

How Social Media is Changing SEO and What to Do About It…

SEO and SMMThere’s a bit of a revolution going on in the SEO world that you may not have heard about or noticed. It’s a bit subtle, but it’s definitely a shift.

Getting social media attention is crucial to your seach engine ranking efforts. There’s no two ways about it.

What does that mean?

It means that where sites used to be able to rank from good on-page and off-page optimization (backlinks) alone…or even some tactics like Google Sniper is using…it now takes something else. It takes LOVE from the social media sites linking back to your site or YOU as an author of that site. Continue reading

MailChimp Review 2013 – Read This Before You Do Any Sort of Email Marketing

Mail Chimp While people said it would lose it’s luster and become ineffective, email marketing is going stronger than ever. In fact no matter what other forms of media come about online, email marketing seems to only grow in spectrum. But if you’re conducting email marketing you’ve got to have not only the right tools for the job, but the right email marketing suite as a whole.

You obviously know that, and that’s why you’re here reading this MailChimp review. You want to know if the decision that you’re about to make to use the MailChimp service is a good one.

As you read the rest of this review and we go over the features of MailChimp… you’ll certainly get the answer to that question…
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JustHost Review 2013 – Is This the Web Hosting Company That You Want to Use in 2013?

Every year billions of new websites are created by people hoping to have a great experience with their website and web hosting plan.

By reading this review, it shows that you’re looking to have a good year with your website through 2013 and beyond. This review will tell you whether or not that’s likely to happen by using the JustHost webhosting service.

Please do yourself a favor and don’t do anything without reading this JustHost Review first.

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Guest Posting Services

Guest Posting ServicesHave you lost traffic because of the brutal Panda updates? Are you looking to get to the top of Google to grab your share of the traffic and sales?

Our Guest Post Services will be your solution!

What are guest posting services?

Guest posting is the natural process of gaining quality white-hat backlinks from high page rank websites, this also includes having them within the same relevant niche to your own website.

Before Panda many website owners would use services to blast out backlinks across the web using automatic tools such as Senuke, Xrumer and others.  Such practices now have impacted many sites negatively – they are feeling the full impact of the update and have been punished by Google in their rankings.

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Small Business Web Hosting – Which Top Web Host is Reliable?

As a small business owner, starting out your online presence, hosting is something that’s prominently on your mind at this time, then there’s something else that needs to be on your mind as well. That something else is reliability!

The bottom line is that the most important thing about having a website online, is having your website online all the time. Another name for reliability in this case is uptime. Uptime is hugely important, and you’ve got to think of that when you’re choosing a top hosting company.

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Market Samurai Review – Should You Even Use Market Samurai?

If you’ve been involved with internet marketing for any amount of time, then you’ve likely noticed that keyword research is one of the most crucial things that you must commit to doing.

This is exactly why services such as Market Samurai have become so significant. But is a tool like Market Samurai needed? Is it worth your time, energy, and investment if there are alternative FREE tools out there?

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Facebook – Much Less Users Than Claimed?

facebook logoAccording to recent studies and observations, Facebook is not really brimming with the claimed amount of users: 70% of its pages are supposed to be inactive.

70% of all pages on facebook are not being updated and basically abandoned.

The research group examined several millions of facebook pages and came to this astonishing result.

Here, as a side-note, it cannot be overstated that social media (such as facebook) plays an increasingly important role in marketing and SEO today. It would be more than smart if pages get updated frequently. Why is that?

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Article Spinning Service

Our Article Spinning Service: Manually Spun Articles

Our Article Spinning Service will provide you with premium quality, manually spun articles! Only with our manually spun articles you will get:

  • Excellent Quality Articles Free of Errors & Grammar Mistakes
  • Highest Possible Uniqueness

With our Article Spinning service you can choose between various formats, depending on your requirements:

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Finding a good clickbank product

clickbank marketplaceFinding the right product to promote as an affiliate is not always easy.

If someone is researching products, say, from places such as clickbank or similar, there are many variables which should be considered.

One often talked about factor to find a “good” product would be gravity – but there are things you need to know.

* Gravity of a product on clickbank does not indicate it’s a good product

It is a very general average about sales success (or let me say “hype”) a product will get, it doesn’t indicate usefulness or that you will really sell it.

* Gravity is often artificially inflated and manipulated

I don’t want to go into detail about the “how”, just know that many marketers manipulate gravity values artificially.

* Gravity is an indication about high competition

High gravity means many affiliates are promoting the product and there will be tough competition.

Here is my person experience:

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